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Report (Permission Visit) Middle School No.3, Pripyat (Chernobyl Exclusion Zone), Ukraine - Oct 2016


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Middle School No.3, Pripyat (Chernobyl Exclusion Zone), Ukraine - Oct 2016

Middle School Number 3! I visited here in 2013 but had run straight to the Gas Masks then. I decided to do the whole thing this time, the building is huge!

These were shot on my second time to The Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. I visited in October 2016 for a four day tour which took us to many places which one might not see on a normal tourist trail to the zone.

It was an amazing experience to see The Zone again and each day was packed, getting up at 06:30 to catch the 07:40 train from Slavutych to The Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant Station, and back to our rented house in Slavutych (the town built to house those who lost their homes in Pripyat) at around 20:00/21:00.

The school is commonly known as "Gas Mask School" because of the large pile of gas masks in one room; presumably removed from cupboards by looters and placed there as they stripped precious metals from within the filters.

The school possessed these masks due to the threat of Nuclear Warfare from the West at the time and nothing to do with the disaster.

Middle School No.3 is located on Sportivnav Street, Pripyat, next door to the indoor swimming pool "Azure".

The school was modern and equipped with decent Music and Sporting facilities and has held up against the elements well, but has suffered from scrap metal thieves.














So much Soviet Propaganda/Posters on the wall in this school. It's so interesting to see all of it.

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This was one of my favourites in Chernobyl.
I left the gas masks hall till last; There is plenty else to see on the other floors, elsewhere in the building, and it was an atmospheric place overall.
Nice work mate