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Report - Middlesbrough transporter bridge.

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Yesterday Urban fox and I were looking for dinosaurs (seriously) :D and on our way we were passing the transporter bridge and it would be a shame not to climb it especially on such a nice day :D

Bit of history on it.

In 1872 Mr. Charles Smith (Manager of the Hartlepool Ironworks) submitted a scheme to the council for a Bridge, with a span of 650 feet, (198 metres), and a headway of 150 feet, (45.7 metres) above high water level. Mr. Smith's scheme for bridging the Tees was on the transporter or aerial ferry principle, and he is credited as being the originator of the concept of this type of bridge. The cost of his novel method of transportation across the Tees was placed at £31,162. The Council however decided not to adopt the bridge

The Corporation successfully promoted a Bill in Parliament authorising them to construct a Transporter Bridge and to discontinue the ferry. This received the Royal Assent and passed into law on 4th July 1907.

Six firms responded to the invitation to tender, the successful bid being that of Sir William Arrol and Company Limited of Glasgow. The contract was signed on the 9th June 1909 for the sum of £68,026 6s 8d and the time allowed for construction and completion of the bridge was twenty-seven months.









Urban fox will add some soon.