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Report - Middlesmoor ROC Post - (Yorkshire Group) - May 2010


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I rang up the landowner to see if i could take the comms out of this one for Chop Gate. He drove me up sitting on a box on the front of his quadbike :thumb
He told me on the phone it was locked with padlocks but i didnt want to tell him it couldnt have been because people had been in within the last two years. When we got to the top, he was angry "the fuckers" had broke in. He couldnt get his tbar working as well which was lucky i had mine. When we got down he was also "pissed off" that someone had nicked the "little yellow and blue box" (t3l3talk) and the "rusty speaker" (wb400 carri3r reci3ver). We got out the comms, but they are quite modern, i got the old ones as well but these arnt fitted to the board. So if anyone fancys coming along to chop gate and helping me install them on the board and wire them into the post pm me! Also if your reading this and you nicked either the rusty speaker or the little blue and yellow box then you have mr Farmer to answer too lol.
After we secured it with the padlocks on a chain and on the tbar, how long this lasts i dont know.
He wants to turn it into a wind farm :crazy




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Thanks for looking

He is happy to show people around and i am happy to share his details if you want to visit.



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