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Report - Middleton Hospital, Ilkley - April 2014


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Hi all Ive been looking at this website for a while now so i decided to finally get involved.

The site i visited was Middleton Hospital, near Ilkley. It opened at the time of WW1 when it was used as a Military Hospital. It later became a TB Sanitorium, then a Geriatrics hospital before closing in the early 1990s, with most of the buildings demolished shortly after closure. Since then plans to turn the site into an Eco Village were rejected, and plans to turn it into a country mansion hit a sticking point over fears of contamination due to the Hospital waste once stored on the site, with rumours about TB still been present in the soil too. Since then the sites just been left.

One of the roads into the hospital

Plenty of old lamp posts like this one still line the disused roads round the hopsital. The powers long gone though

The Lodge. Seams to have just been used as a place to dump things recently


The Social Club. This is the largest building left on the site and was the social club for the nurses who worked at the hospital.


Inside the social club

The roofs definitely seen better days.

Looking across to the stage

The back of the social club taken from what would have been the old bowling green. This shows the roof properly it was moving around alot in the wind on the day i went. Wouldnt fancy a sheet of that metal landing on me :eek:

And finally the Sub Station

The state of the roof put me off wandering around inside the social club too much and i managed to miss the admin block entirely :eek: so hopefully i'll get to go back there next time im in the area. Hope you enjoyed what i got

(Note: after visiting the site i found that it had been visited by another member not long ago, so credit to them. I thought id share what i got anyway)


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Nice report, I swear the roof looked better than that when I visited last month!

I drive past quite often and it looks like there's been quite a bit of earth moving activity going on in there, did you see much of that?


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28DL Full Member
There was some earth moving around the sub station but as far as i know they still havent got clearance on the contamination issue? The earth moving was odd, seamed quite localised around the sub station area what were your thoughts on it?

The roof was something else, it wasnt that windy when i went and the sheets were moving with every gust and banging about there were alot of sheets on the floor too

Saw your report on the place, very nice photos fair play for getting up on that stage!


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Thanks for these photos! My mother's aunt suffered from TB and was a patient in this hospital when her daughter was born in 1953. She was 40 then and already had 3 children who were born before 1940. Well, they must have been doing something right here because she lived to the ripe old age of 87 and died in 2000.


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28DL Member
Funny funny pass the word brother keep off
I have just visited this site for the 1st time as I was born there in October 1952. My mother was a TB sufferer and sent there from Whitby (North Yorkshire) for rehabilitation so I was obviously fascinated to read the history and view previous photos. Any other details would be kindly appreciated.

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