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Report - Middleton Mine 2010-09


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What an amazing place, ok its been explored by so many people and theres so many photos that its somewhat watered down now but been there to me was was still mind blowing. I am partial to some underground action but when I first saw reports of this place going up as much as I liked it I didn’t ever plan on going, giving way to other commitments in life (such as new born babies). But then a plan was hatched and off to the moors of Derbyshire we headed. So together Goan, Lucid and myself headed on in to the darkness. If theres one word for this place its HUGE, the passage ways are huge and then theres quarried out areas to the sides that are even more huge then theres the magnitude of the maze of passageways which is nothing short of huge! –we only scratched the surface.

Incase anyone has missed this one before here’s a bit of background:
-In Its height of production Middleton/Hopton Mine was producing 120,000 tonnes a year and produced very high quality limestone
-It was the last working Limestone Mine in the UK
-The mine closed in 2005
-It depends where you read as there’s various figures but most agree theres more than 20miles of tunnels.
Well on to the pics:

1: Goan after a bit of a climb/scramble (digi):

2: Messing with lights in huge passageways (note Lucid further down and the height of the mine there) (film):

3:more passageway shots, wish I had someone in this one (film):

4: Some Fans (film):

5: Double Decker (digi):

6:Obligatory group shot (digi):
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