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Report - Middleton Quarry Edinburgh


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I have been looking through the forums and noticed that no-one has ever reported on the Middleton Quarry just outside of Edinburgh. I visited the quarry (with owners permission) a few years ago, I doubt much has changed as it is not a working quarry and I thought I would share the photos I took whilst I was there.

A bit of background first...

N. Middleton Quarry (NT 354 579)
North Middleton Quarry is located south of Edinburgh, near Gorebridge and until recently was the last limestone quarry working the North Greens (No.2) Limestone which lies at the base of the Carboniferous Lower Limestone Group. Although the seams of the N. Greens Limestone are approx. 15m thick, the top 9m is not worked due to alternating layers of limestone and shale partings. The lower beds, which have a cream or pale grey appearance have been worked extensively and mined in the past.
The quarry floor in the bottom quarry dips at 15 - 20º to the West, where 3 mine entrances are located. The quarry is cut in 2 by a roadway which separates the top and bottom quarries, the last time the quarries were worked for stone was around 15yrs for the bottom quarry and 10yrs for the top, although one of the quarries is still used for processing material from another region.

The most interesting aspect of Middleton Quarry is the “pillar & stallâ€￾ extraction method, which involves mining around pillars of rock which are left to support the roof. This is most evident in the top quarry which lies higher than the lower quarry which has considerable flooding due to run off from fields etc. This type of mine can be quite dangerous as the existing rock is the only support for the roof which makes these mines unpredictable and prone to collapse. I never ventured into the mines therefore all photos are taken from the outside looking in.

There is also remnants of a surviving Lime Kiln which would have been used to process materials from the mines.

Ok, let the photos commence!


A Blasted Blasting Sign


View of Bottom Quarry


Tunnel Entrance


Good 9m worth of rock held up by thin air!


Pillar in flooded mine


Entry to pump room for flooded mines


Ceiling disappearing into the flooded mine


Collapsed roof in Upper Quarry


Collapsed roof in Upper Quarry


Tunnels disappearing into hillside


View of Upper Quarry


Old Lime Kiln


Lime Kiln opening where the lime would have been collected after burning


Lime Kiln left hand opening


Lime Kiln right hand opening with assorted junk

Hope you enjoyed my photos. Remember quarries are dangerous places, more so when they are unmanned so don't go getting yourself squashed in an abandoned mine somewhere! :thumb


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Hey, I visited it today and the upper quarry has only two entrances now, partially blocked and it is getting infilled by waste earth. Nice headroom right at the entrances but there is a deep mud unfortunately. Quite fresh, cracked on surface and pretty deep. Shame, the other limestone mines I´ve been to so far (Cults- old works and Leven Seat) were dry but more confined with roof collapses. Roof hanging in thin air and lot of soil falling in one place forming a tidy piles. Looks like a shake hole is forming above the ceiling and it has a cupole shape covered with stalactites.

The entrances in lower quarry are blocked too but it is possible to crawl over the top I think. I only took pictures from above, I will come again soon.



Today I wasn´t equipped properly (not hard hat, wellies and not enough lights) so I had a good mooch around. There are nice old ruins across the road and in one small quarry I have seen an addit blocked by heap of stones.





Shitty pics, I know - taken with tablet (I cycled from Edinburgh:)


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You waited two and a half years to post something up....... and it"s these ? Fucking Hell:eek: I can"t wait for post number 2 in 2018 ;)

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You waited two and a half years to post something up....... and it"s these ? Fucking Hell:eek: I can"t wait for post number 2 in 2018 ;)
Well, I stopped exploring and going places some time ago - after two succesful trips to Forth rail bridge we got busted by workers and were handed to BTP and had to spend two days at St. Leonards. They were thinking that we were terrorist because of black clothes and backpacks. Later the court sessions followed (breach of peace). Nothing happened but it was not good, all that waiting for sentence. That all cheesed me off and now I am a newfag starting again:confused:

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