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Report - Midland St Air Raid Shelter - Nottingham - March 2012


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Here is another of Long Eaton's Air Raid Shelter's, this is probably the most well known shelter in the town as it is easily visible as you walk along the path next to it. Not much history that i can find apart from it was a WW2 Shelter for the public. On to the pics:

Edit: Some more history about this shelter: In World War II, this bunker provided shelter to the employees of Toton Yard during German air-strikes and bombardments.


Here is the rear entrance, covered in bushes and thorn's. Sorry for this pictures bad quality, i forgot to set the camera properly, i'm still a noob :rolleyes:


This is looking out of the rear entrance.


Looking down the first half from the corner


This is the middle of the shelter, there are covered holes in the roof which i guess was used for emergency exits back in the day.


Looking down the second half from the middle.


And finally, the other entrance, which can be seen from the path(as i took the pic from there). I also only used the light from the nearby street light and i think this picture looks cool.

All in all a decent mooch about if your into this kind of stuff. This is the most interesting shelter i know of around the town as i did much googling and searching. Thank you for looking and i hope you enjoy the pictures.
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