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Video Report - Miley Railway Tunnel Full walkthrough


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Er....i"m failing to see what you"re trying to achieve with your Videos and especially this one :confused:

If you"re going to get people interested in your output, it"s going to have to be edited to actually be interesting to the viewer & yes most of the 28 viewers will be less tolerant of rubbish (even if the Tunnel is full of it)

Having minutes of footage of your backside walking into or along places is not interesting to anyone other than you & you"re nearest & dearest, i"d suggest. And if you"re going to do a walk through of a Tunnel at least take some lighting down with you & light the bloody thing properly as you would/should if you were taking Photos.

There"s no point at all in showing you walking along in the dark or walking through bushes, you could do that in your back garden & nobodies gonna bother watching it or commenting.
The whole reason taking picture in tunnels works is the fact you"re saved all the crap in-between the shots, which is 90-95 % of the visit normally. Unfortunately you"re at 100%

Also access is not normally shown for locations

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