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Report - Miley tunnel - Preston - April 2014


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So it was the Preston meet yesterday, and after St Joe's Myself, my two non member mates, Bigjobs, Paradox and Idle Hands had a mooch to Miley tunnel.

Literally just a tunnel, not too many features but was a good stroll with good company non the less, we found some wire wool so had a little mess around as I've never done wirewool painting before, I'm sure Paradox and Idle hands will have far better pictures than me but heres mine anyway.

One is massively OOF but I kind of liked the light trail and one is mega HDR but thought it kinda looked cool with Bigjobs messing with his tripod ooooh errr

History stolen off Will Knot along with what I think was his wire wool we found.....................

A Bit of History.........

Deepdale Bridge station was on the Longridge Branch Line in Preston, Lancashire. The former branch to Longridge was connected to the main line at Preston via a series of three tunnels - collectively known as Miley - which took it under the district of Deepdale, north of the town centre.

The station opened in 1856 as a replacement for Deepdale Street railway station which until then had been the Preston passenger terminus of the line. The new station lay on an extension, built in 1850, which connected to the earlier line near the level crossing in Skeffington Road. The extension passed through the 862-yard Miley Tunnel to another new station at Maudland Bridge.

The walls of all three tunnels are stone-built whilst their roofs employ red brick. A single rusting track remains in situ at the northern side of the formation. Locals now use the cutting between No.1 and No.2 tunnels as a rubbish dump.

The line originally formed part of ambitious plans to create a link between Yorkshire and the Lancashire coast. This failed, consigning the route to life as a 6½-mile branch, largely single track. 1st May 1840 marked its opening day; the double-track extension from its western terminus at Maudlands, through the Deepdale tunnels, was added in 1850 for freight purposes. Through passenger services started in 1856 but succumbed in 1930.

The branch’s goods traffic came to an end in 1967 but the western section was retained to serve a coal yard and the Courtaulds factory at Red Scar. The latter lost its trains in February 1980 and the route was disconnected during the 1990s.










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Nice pics Albino-jay it was definitely a giggle and your pics of Miley are way better than mine are :D


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Love them shots Jay.

I've never done any wire wool spinning, or photography of it before, but seeing as there was an unopened bag of the stuff down there, and one of the lads had a bottle of deoderant to help with the lighting of it, why not indeed.


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