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Report - Miley Tunnel, Preston - Oct 2017


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Stories of a haunting are attributed to the death of a young girl who fell from a train carriage when passing through Deepdale station. Since then there have been sightings of a mysterious Grey Lady who is reputed to stalk the tunnel.'


Miley Tunnel is a roughly 815 yards abandoned trainline that ran north from the Shep Inn to Deepdale in Preston, Lancashire. It was opened in 1840. By 1940, buses were proving to be a more popular way of transport and since this line was getting enough use to be paid for, it closed to the public. However, it was continued to be used as a freight line for another 50 years but finally closed completely in 1980.

As quoted above, the tunnel is supposedly haunted by 'The Grey Lady,' the ghosts of Margaret Banks who was killed after falling out of one of the carriages in December 1866. On stormy nights, her spirit has apparently been seen wandering the tracks.

Our Visit
After slipping through a gap between a fence, then past a suspicious tent, the explore was very enjoyable. This is the first time I have ever done anything underground, but I'll definitely keep doing them from now on, as it was a different adventure than usual, which is always the best.

Note that the first section of tunnels before the main one, is fully waterlogged, so like we did, I recommend bringing wellies or shoes/trousers, you don't mind getting wet as you definitely will be soaked afterwards.

The only artefacts we found inside the tunnel was a pink flowery umbrella, obviously Margaret Banks,' a shopping trolley and a red flower thing as you'll see in the photos.


This explore highlighted to me I need to buy a better light or lens as my camera can barely live with dark surroundings, nevermind this. Anyway, I chose the best turned out pictures from the trip, hope you like them. Please leave some feedback if you have any to give, would be much appreciated.

The east entrance to the tunnel.


Action shot.





Into the darkness.




Sorry for the shortage of photos, not many turned out that well because of my need for a better light. They were way too fuzzy for my liking.


I'd appreciate it if you checked this out! A documentary styled video on our explore of the tunnel.

Thanks for reading :)
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A tripod to stick your camera on so you can do long exposure shots without camera shake.

And light painting is where you paint what your taking a photo of with your torch to light it up.
Oh ok, yeah most of my photos are handheld, will use my tripod more now thanks and is that why in some urbex photographers videos they're just waving the torch all around the room while the camera is setup?

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