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Lead or Rumour info - Milford Hospital. Surrey.


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Milford Hospital opened in 1928 as a TB sanatorium built to help the large numbers of TB patients at that time.
It became a centre of excellence treating various chest and lung complaints during its active life however medical advancements made a large part of the hospital redundant.
In the 1980s a new building with modern facilities catering with geriatrics was built on site and old wards and admin buildings were closed and boarded up.
As the site occupies a semi rural location it suffered some vandalism so all the accessible openings were sealed with some substantial block work.
Developers have owned the site for many years but only recently the local planners accepted the plans for redevelopment. 110 houses are planned for the site.
This and a live hospital on the site has I think discouraged explorers, I have not seen any reports mentioning access to the main site. (the water tower was only recently sealed).

The work has now started, described ground works to enable access to the site but it means there are now a couple of access points.
I managed a 5 min walk round one of the long wards at dusk this evening and saw a route into the admin building.

This site will be gone in a matter of weeks and is unrecorded as far as I can see. My work commitments mean I will miss out on what could be a virgin sploor.:banghead
This is a last minute heads up for any one interested.



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Have they un-boarded the windows then? When I took a look, I was rather put off, because I thought it was going to be pitch black. What did you see in the wards? any stuff? is it well decayed?
I feel like the little building near the front might be a mortuary.


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The ward I accessed was very skanky. Lit only through the holes in the roof (most of the roof is on the floor now)
It consists of a corridor with "rooms" better described as stables on the south side. Most of the windows are still secure the southerly aspect windows are in fact patio doors,
fresh air being a big part of the pre antibiotics cure for TB. The boards have not been removed on purpose yet but there does not seem to be the emphasis on security as b4 planning permission was granted.
I am not sure where the mortuary is but I have been in the boiler room/water tower complex and did not see it there.
The admin building may be the diamond in the rough here, they are substantial brick buildings that are not as decayed externally as the long thin wards.
A good rummage is what is needed here.


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Ahh, I saw a report on this somewhere 5 or 6 years ago. It was royally f**ked then. Might take a look if I'm in the area though :)

Thanks for the update.