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Report - Military base near Å ibenik, Croatia


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It was part of a very big military complex called Minerska. The entire area had been forbidden for civilians ever since the Nazi occupation (probably earlier) and especially so during Yugoslavia as it was an important part of a whole military network in the Å ibenik area. It is possible to walk to all these areas, but I visited by boat. Apparently the place was in use until Croatia abandoned their military service.

They are now trying to develop the whole area in to a tourist attraction, complete with EU funding, so I'm not confident it will stay as is for much longer, i.e. free and easy access.

St. Nicholas Fortress sits a few hundred yards away across the water but I didn't have time to visit, but you could easily lose a day visiting both areas.

It is possible to walk/cycle to both venues, but its much easier by boat :)

Evidence of Nazi occupation was limited to the E-Boat tunnels and maybe some old shore line docking area's which are now nearly filled in.

West Entrance

East Entrance

Access Tunnel

Random Chair Shot (Really...I didn't put it there)

Quay Side Crane, photo bombed by my 7 year old son. You can see the railway lines which run to all the bunkers around the complex

Landing Quay again, railway lines are covered by the metal sheeting + my landing craft

Inside one of the bunkers. The wood work is very impressive and still looks like new. Photobomb son again

Not sure what this building was, but the railway lines run out the other side to the quayside. I expect it was some kind of loading building as it was not fortified like the others

This area, cut out of rock looks like some kind of boat area, but now filled in and cut off from the sea by the footpath.

Entrance to the E-Boat tunnel






More Cold War Era



St. Nicholas Fortress

Great place to visit, but I ran out of time.

Rik UE

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looks like something you would see on a James Bond set, nice docking place for the sub as well :)


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28DL Full Member
looks like something you would see on a James Bond set, nice docking place for the sub as well :)
You mean something like this?

Sadly I ran out of time, but hope to get back to visit some more sites. The country appears to be littered with military gems :)

The Lone Ranger

Safety is paramount!
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Very nice and cheers for posting :thumb