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28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
I'll be leaving the Army soon and I've got bags of spare kit to sell.

As of yet I haven't compiled an itemised list but it will mainly compose of stuff like multicam trousers, shirts and smocks. I've got odd bits like camelbak hydration packs (3 litre and afew 1 litre), few pairs of desert boots, daysack covers, warm weather sleeping bags; Stuffs got to go. I've even got an unused multicam molle day sack.

I'll draw up a list in afew days and keep it solely for 28DL members in the 'Items for sale' forum, local members can meet up in town for a brew if they like instead of me posting stuff.

The stuff is applicable to UE in many ways I guess and is rugged, some of the stuff has been to Afghanistan and come out laughing. If not I'm just going to chin it off on some airsofters :laugh

If you need/want anything specific (within reason ;)) I will try and see if someone else has it spare.