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Knowing that during the last war Canewdon in Essex had a field where the hurricanes from Southend Airfield use to land when the airfield was being bombed or they where unable to land there due to bomb damage there must be something in the area that would have supported this. So I have been looking at google maps and found this.


The red circles denote buildings of some description, they look like ammo stores to me. Then to the left looks like some sort of old gun emplacement.

So at 5am this morning I took a drive out there and sure enough there is something there. The area from the front has a fence around it and an old sign say private keep out. The sides look to have hedges grown around the site, needless to say I didn't venture in because of the private sign, but might try to gain entry by asking the owner of the bungalow at the front of the gated entrance. Also there is a large amount of pill boxes surrounding this site and they look to be untouched by vandals. There is one with a strange looking metal object on the top of it that I haven't seen on one before. Does anyone know of this site.

Here are some photos I took this morning.

The Entrance


The Pill Box


WD Marker


If I wasn't so old I might have walked along the fields for a nosey.
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Looks good, I´m into pillboxes at the moment. I´ve mapped 30 along the A130 and plan to check them all out. It would be good to get the Canewdon one explored together to save bothering the owner too much?


Hi there,

My boss told me about this place a few years ago and I visited. Is it the place where they keep horses on the field? I think we asked someone and they are bunker type buildings, where the owners keep all their horse tack etc in.

It does look really good, and we were unwilling to enter due to fears of being accused of hustling! We did leave a note for the owner as well asking to see, but to no avail :(


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...... I have been looking at google maps and found this.


The red circles denote buildings of some description, they look like ammo stores to me. Then to the left looks like some sort of old gun emplacement.
This site is the transmitter half of RAF Canewdon a WW2 Chain Home radar station. The buildings housed the electronics and the four sets of four concrete posts on the left were the bases for the 360 foot transmitter masts. One of the masts from this site at Canewdon was disassembled and moved to Badow near Chelmsford in the 1950’s and is now the last one of these masts that still has it’s platforms in place. Here is a photo of the Badow mast:
Originating web page: http://www.g0mwt.org.uk/events/gb75ch-2010/gb75ch.htm

There are some more photos taken at RAF Canewdon in the 1950’s about half way down this web page including some taken from the top of the masts:

There are some 2007 photos of this site here:

The receiver site was about ¼ mile to the north along the far side of Lambourne Hall road and was flattened in the 1970’s, only two parameter pill boxes and the entrance gate now remain.

…. here's the one hopefully of the pill box with the metal thing on top.

This is a mount for an anti tank gun, (not an anti air gun) it was cast in to the concrete of the pill box and a brick wall built up around it on top. This is a unique pill box. There were also a few anti air pill boxes around the village, only this one now survives on Lambourne Hall farm:




Pete Moore

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I Lived in Canewdon in 1960's at Loftmans farm , My mate and I were and still are Radio Nuts On the North site Lambourne rd was single 280ft wooden tower only thing left now appears to be a concrete base on north side of road maybe gun mount.
On southern site about 2 paddocks south was the Transmitter site it had a very large rotatable Log Periodic Array.
Being intrepid 16 year olds we go over the fence of North site and climbed the wooden tower great site from top!!!
Next we had to investigate the south site climbed over a gap where pill boxes were and snuck into the block house which was surrounded by an earth blast wall inside we found American radio gear buzzing and humming away at this point we decided to do a runner incase anyone caught us!!! So it looks like south site is still there as such but nothing left but large ploughed paddock and housing estate. Thanks for stirring the old "grey matter" for me great memories 73 de Pete zl2aub


Southend Airport [Eastwod Airfield] was known as RAF Rochford during World War II, and was an advanced attack outpost & satellite base to RAF Hornchurch, for fighters comprising Supermarine Spitfires and Hawker Hurricanes as well as Bristol Blenheims, with a sqadron based there most of the time. As to RAF Canewdon ( 2 miles north-east of the airport) being used as an Emergancy Landing Ground is doubtful.


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I grew up in canewdon in the eighties onwards. I once snuck in there with a friend. It's the old radar station bunker. It's disused and if I recall there were horses being kept in there then. It's pretty creepy inside! We actually got caught and escorted off the premises by the couple that live in the bungalow. There are still quite a few pill boxes around the village. I remember spending a good deal of my youth on top of them.