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Report - Millbrook ROC Post Cornwall Group Report 08/04/09


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28DL Full Member
This is a fairly easy post to find, if you have the ROC Satnav. Laying in its own compound, atop a mound covered by tree's. It lays in the grounds of the old Maker Heights Fort Complex.

The 'Heights' has loads of history to explore from Palmerston Forts to a WW2 heavy AA site nearby.

The post is open and has been severely trashed by the local youths that use the Tamar Outdoor centre, who 'Bivy' nearby in the old converted WW2 Nissen Huts.

This was a master post, and a 91 closure, and what looks good from the top is yuk! below completely trashed and graffed:mad: and decorated with someones idea of home:crazy
On with the pics.


Hatch now open, last reported locked in November 2007.


Why people do this is beyond me:(


Part of the Orlit B post nearby has been smashed off and now lays on the bank.

Link to Subbrit's original post, How things change:(



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