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I've just dug up some photos from my first foray into urban exploring. These were shot in September 1985 and the first couple of times there was no security, you could drive right in. Then they got a gate guard, but he was a really friendly Ghanaian and he used to let us in anyway. Those were the days! Back then it was full of stuff and for those who know the site, the footbridge over to the RHM mill led to a fully-functioning flour mill. I got in there one Sunday and it was running with not a soul in sight. I spent ten minutes having a look before deciding not to push my luck too far....











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Really really nice, i know that little office in the 4th picture. Shame it doesnt look like that anymore.

Thanks for sharing, if youve got anymore pics stick them up, would be good to see some more of the surrounding area when the land was packed with mills and factories.

Rik UE

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Oh this is awesome!

Great to see these old photographs and how the place has changed, some bits look completely different!

I think we all agree please post more!!

We want more :D


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:Not Worthy Ten out of ten. This is the best report I've seen in a long time - thank you for sharing.

Picture #6: I'm sure one of those blocks was Ronan Point, all of them were demolished just a year after your pictures were taken.

Btw.... please say you've got pictures from inside the CWS?? :) I've only ever come across one picture of the inside.


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Been in here twice now (shame on me living in London, I know) & if it looked like that even I would've taken some shots in there.

Really really nice work & thank you for going to the effort of scanning & uploading them. If you have any more, count me amongst the people who'd love to see them.

Well done mate :thumb


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Thanks everyone! I'm going to get to work on rooting out all my old negs and find the time to get them scanned and on the site. I never got into the CWS building....