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Report - Millenium Mills, London Docklands Oct2009


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Millenium Mills sat in an area thats already been heavily developed sits there like a giant chunk of win, sat right under the fairly busy london docklands flightpath theres plenty of airborn security watching over this place, and upon our visit, about 50 environmental monitoring stations :gay Possibly as part of a study for some upcoming planning permission for some ikea flatpack houses? who knows.

Unfortunatly never managed to get the epic night reflection shot from across the water (Like nursepaynes), just didn't get the time.


Looking over to D silo, you can just see some of the monitoring stations.


INstead take a shot looking up at the developed area. Just imagine being down in this part of town in the 1970's and 80's, everything would have been abandoned.


plenty of evidense from film crews H&S'ing up the place


One of the less interesting floors, we had maybe only a few hours before it got dark to see as much as we could inside, speed tried his best to find the good stuff though.


Stairs, lots and lots of stairs, I think we used every one of them :p


a dodgy looking fella


FLOUR!!! you don't often see flour in a mill funnily enough, but there was tonnes of it here, just little stashs and split bags of the white gold nestling in occasional places.


loadsa dock cranes out there.


a substantial view from one of the roofs. It looked better to the naked eye. I don't spend much time in london, and when I am down there, I rarely have enough time to even look up, so it was nice to be out exploring something with a view.


It got a bit darker, and then the city looked like this. The same time the previous day it was even better, the sky was freaking purple....


Parting shot, D Silo, surrounded by microphones, so we made sure to give eat one a special like brap :cool:


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