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Report - Millenium Mills - Woolwich, London - February 2015


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Explore done with Umbra.

Warning: it can get very dark inside and since the machinery has mostly been removed it has left large open holes in the floors.
Warning: work is underway on the site to remove the asbestos and you'll see areas that are 'no-go' zones. You should take an FFP3 mask or respirator for the area in general and I would advise not entering those zones.

The mills are situated in the Docklands area of London close (but across the dock) from the sprawling ExCel centre and London City Airport. The site was built in 1905 and was named after the company's successful product 'Millennium Flour' (nothing to do with Y2K ...)

The mills focused initially on flour but after an acquisition in the 1920s it made space for pet feed production and distribution too.

During WW1 the mills were partially destroyed during a munitions factory explosion but were returned to glory and expanded into the ten-story structure we see today in the 1930s. During WW2 the mills were hit by airstrikes with the damage being rectified as part of the post-war reconstruction efforts nationwide.










Thanks for looking (am by no means a photograph and all taken on my Samsung S4). Happy hunting.


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Seems like U2 (or was it 3 in the end? as i hadn"t realised i"d arranged to meet up ;) had a good time :)

I hope you washed all the Azzy off your clothing or are you still wearing your mask ;)

Probably the best pics to come off a Phone on the Forum in recent times :thumb could do with making bigger to fill the page & maybe you should go back and shake it while shooting like all the others seem too do ;)

I think it caught fire after your visit. No link obviously :D


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Looking at those pics, its easier to understand how there was a fire

Rik UE

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28DL Full Member
Bloody good photographs for a mobile!

Hope the fire hasn't caused too much damage and its still doable, even with an asbestos mask!


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Anyone visited recently? Just wondered how the works were going. Would like to see what the final product is like


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Ok, ive answered the question myself. This pretty much sums up what has been done

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