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Report - - Millennium Complex Plymouth (06/04/2008) | Leisure Sites |

Report - Millennium Complex Plymouth (06/04/2008)

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28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member

“Millennium Complex, it has been closed now for I should imagine around 2/3 years, the police closed it down for illegal activities, no one seems to know what these illegal activities were but the rumours range from under age drinking (what a shocker) to being the centre of a drug ring (would not surprise me) (if anyone does know the absolute truth let me know).”

Good history of the site and some nice pics of it in its original site. Here.
Make sure you scroll down to Gaumont Palace ~ Odeon.

Since I’ve moved in to Plymouth (bout 8 months ago now) I have been waiting for a way in to this site.

Week Before:=-
One day after work i did another quick recce, not expecting any thing to be different.
But something was different but could not make it out.
I grabbed my camera from the car and took some pics of what I saw.
After a short meet up with Kernow, we both agreed on what I have seen.

That’s it, 100% we are doing it. What I wanted to find I have found. Access to the site!
Next day I spoke to scrub on a final plan of access that will work for all of us.

After a day, we sorted out access, date and time. All we need now is the equipment.
After a hour or so of some April fool pranks in work, I drove back to drop scrub off.

On the way back we decided to give it ago and to make sure the access was actually possible and that out plan would work.
We got bits of our kit. Did not take any cameras because if we got in we would not leave for hours.

We parked up, unloaded the kit.
Access worked a treat, we got where we needed to go and was able to hide the kit as well.
We are up and in the club.
Bloody pigeon shit every where and 2 flew at us as we entered the building.
we walked up the stairs and followed corridor that then opened up to room with a massive heating vent/duct.
Walked around this and down another corridor, up some more stairs and down another corridor, through a small hatch. At this point we thought that there is no access to the club. We were in the very top of the roof.

As we left the building feeling very deflated but not to be to defeated we looked further down to see if there is any other doors or windows.
There was another door, in we go to what looked like another dead end with a shut door.
Luckily the door opened up to the main hall way and in to the main club area.
Words can’t describe what we were feeling after having pigeons fly at us, walking in pigeon shit, dead end and then find the main club area is fully open.
Since this is just a quick recce to make sure we can get in and that its worth getting the others in.
A quick walk around we decided to leave and save the rest for when we have some cameras and better torches.
This bit was easier said than done.
We got lost twice trying to get out.

We left, wanting to go back home and get our cameras but it was 1am, we had work the next day and scrub was sobering up.

I returned with JamesPP, Sarah and Scrub2000.
Sadly the 5th member, Kernow was off to a distant land exploring.

The original plan was for me and scrub to get in, run round to the rear fire exit and open it for the others.
That was the plan. We found the fire exit and when we opened it, it opened to a boarded area.
It looks like all the fire exits are boarded up.
on to the back up plan. Every one needs to get in the same way as me and scrub.

We eventually got in with cameras, tri-pods, torches, more batteries than Argos and some food and drink. We were expecting to be in here for hours but after about 4 hours we decided to leave.

The place was striped, any thing electronic was removed, no lighting, no tills, no bar pumps and no DJ kit. Some bar coolers, fridges, glass washers, random promotional stuff, paper work, CCTV videos and about 20 safes.

On to the pics.

There is two sets of theses air vent rooms. the 1st one we found on our recce. the pics of the fans dont do them justice in their size.










old signs


Bastard pigeons



bags, cards and a passport


Pic By sarah

Pic By sarah

Pic By Sarah


the promotion crew

my very own pole dancer. dont care much for the outfit.


Pic By sarah. Top of the club, out front, right on union street. loads of drunks and some coppers. sarah leaves the flash on. opps :)

Thanks for looking.
More pics here
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