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Report - Millennium Dome London 11/1/07


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Visited with Palace Fan

Wow! back again and it got even better. This time we got in and headed straight for the roof, got up without difficulty and couldnt see any workers. On the roof we climbed one of the yellow spires which protude (sp) out of the roof. Its a single ladder on the outside with an internal one for the last 15ft up to the light. Awesome veiw but taking photos is a mission as your on a slant in a verry small space.

Had a bit more confidence on the roof this time and its like a large bouncy castle, running up it was awesome! Took few more photos and headed back down. Just as we got through the hatch there were workers on the same level as us in the rigging. Luckly they carried on walking past and we legged it the otherway.

Had a quick look in the centre of the place but there wasnt much of a change.







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