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Report - Millennium Mills, London - October 2014


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The Millennium Mills is a derelict turn of 20th century flour mill in West Silvertown on the south side of the Royal Victoria Dock, between the Thames Barrier and the ExCel exhibition centre alongside the newly built Britannia village, in Newham, London, England. Along with Millennium Mills, there remains a small section of the now destroyed Rank Hovis Premier Mill and a restored grade II listed grain silo, labelled the ‘D’ silo. The site was left abandoned in 1981 due to the closure of the Victoria dock.

I came across this structure about two years ago when I discovered the website www.derelictlondon.com which enlightened me to the world of urban exploration and ever since then I knew I had to visit this place, I just can't believe it took me this long! The initial plan was to visit this site with two non member's but it was narrowed down to just me and one other which could only add to the stealth I presumed would be necessary to make this a successful mission. Getting off at Pontoon Dock station I noticed that the London pleasure gardens had been almost completely flattened and there were a lot of trucks and workers on site which thankfully were no problem to us. I could not see any sign of security on site but deciding to play it safe we still ran like hell to a point where we couldn't be seen once we got on site. It was at this point that I realised how potentially bloody difficult it could be to get on site so we had a look inside the Rank Hovis mill first which was far too easy and paled in comparison to Millennium. Once we had got bored of the Rank Hovis mill we made our way to the main attraction which again was shockingly simple... perhaps I have the most incredible initiative or I'm missing something here. As soon as we got in we realised how we had been wasting our time in the rank hovis mill because this place was just incredible. As was the view from the roof! I had always heard that this place was incredibly dangerous but It all seemed perfectly intact as far as I could see. The rank hovis however was much more dodgy, those bloody stairs!






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Nice one mate, nice pics. Know what you mean by it being easy to access now though. Thanks for sharing :thumb

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