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Lead or Rumour info - Milton Keynes Leisure Plaza, be quick before it's gone

Urban vermin

28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
It's currently under demolition for redevelopment of the site, I feel this is one that really needs to be reported before it's all gone. I estimate it's got 2 weeks left before the sites has been cleared. There's and Ice Rink, Bowling alley and a big Nightclub left all in the same building. The strip club on a building outside has already gone. Currently access is simple as there are no permanent wooding hoardings up just temporary fencing and no sign of on-site secca.

Already posted in Leisure sites forum, just adding here as well.

Location is just 5 minutes walk from Milton Keynes Railway station, just turn right out the station. Good Bus connections also. I'd do this one myself but I'm not going to be able to due to the kids holiday.




This just shows that it's not been chaved up or raided by metal wombles inside.


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28DL Full Member
Mk is plagued by our "gentelmen of the road metal collecting freinds", so there will be security, no one leaves all that plant about round here.