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Report - Mine Kampf


Germany is the "wurst"
Regular User
Okay, how's that for a title in really poor taste?

Given that "Kampf" = struggle, or fight, it sure felt like it as we were slogging through some farmer's muddy shithole of a field in absolutely torrential rain (or, "summer" as it is known to you Englishers).

The day before, I had one of those classic cultural misunderstanding exchanges with a German acquaintance of mine:

Me: "We're going into a mine, want to come?"

Him: "What, you're going into the mine?"

Me: "Yeah, sure, what of it?"

Him: "..."

Naturally, I'd been thinking of the classic Franco/Belgian drift mine, which would require no more than a slight amount of determination, a bit of wine, perhaps a little rope, and maybe a small dose of crowbar mixed in, assuming you couldn't just take a leisurely stroll into the bowels of the Earth.

Not some 500 meter teutonic hell-monster.

No, we didn't go down. They're too fucking orderly for that. Hey, we have this AWESOME hole that goes half a klick down into the guts of C'thulhu's living room, but we don't need it anymore. What to do?

Oh, I think we'll fill it up with construction debris 'n shit. That sounds like a great idea.

Fuck you. I wanted in.

The machinery was pretty cool though, slathered in generous quantities of pigeon shit as it was.

Also, I'm a little drunk, so I shall magically cause these images to display in some sort of non-Euclidean manner.









For extra credit, one of these is my favorite urbex pic of all time. Guess which. No cheating.

Side note: I never met the gentleman, but this one is dedicated to the memory of a certain Squire Hard, Love Die. I have to e-respect anyone who uses the terms "cunt" and "fap" with such alarming frequency. I shall be scrawling some appropriate obscenity and a highly stylized stick figure with boobies in chalk on a wall somewhere. It's what I'd want you to do.

More, as always, at kosmograd dot net.

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