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28DL Member
Hi everyone,

I’ve just recently joined on here and recently visited Browns Folly mine twice in the past week, I’m new to exploring but loved Browns mine, in our group we entered through Muddy Hole and explored for about 4 hours, we managed to find the well and the generator room with the stone wall, also the hole where I believe the crane used to be? What other good, easy enough spots are there inside? Also could anyone tell me what mines are still open to explore in the south west?

I’ve researched a bit and found that maybe Swan mine is still open and Bethel Quarry could still be open but Ridge Quarry is inaccessible now?

Finally, we went in Browns Folly mostly under equipped, what’s the best, good value exploring equipments should I be looking to purchase?

Any help at all is greatly appreciated!

Thanks, BK

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