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Question - Mines & Quarries in SW England


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Hi everyone,

I’ve just recently joined on here and recently visited Browns Folly mine twice in the past week, I’m new to exploring but loved Browns mine, in our group we entered through Muddy Hole and explored for about 4 hours, we managed to find the well and the generator room with the stone wall, also the hole where I believe the crane used to be? What other good, easy enough spots are there inside? Also could anyone tell me what mines are still open to explore in the south west?

I’ve researched a bit and found that maybe Swan mine is still open and Bethel Quarry could still be open but Ridge Quarry is inaccessible now?

Finally, we went in Browns Folly mostly under equipped, what’s the best, good value exploring equipments should I be looking to purchase?

Any help at all is greatly appreciated!

Thanks, BK


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Sweet mate i'm fairly new myself. Nice report on browns that where my exploring started. The stables are down there still 2 see. But as 4 other places loadsa report on here 4 local places. Do some research & online digging mate.


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You don’t have to spend loads of money.

helmet..........can be bought off eBay,2nd hand Troll’s go for £10 or you can go flash and spend £60 on a Petzl..........if you’re really skint a builders helmet will do.

There’s a “torch buying thread on here” so I won’t go into it too much but take 2 torches with plenty of batteries and a candle and lighter if shit hits the fan.
You don’t need a 9million lumen torch for the majority of mines so don’t think bigger is always better..........as power will compromise run time

Notepad and pencil

tell someone where you’re going and what time you intend to be back.

Swan mine is an easy one,no need for a map.


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A little bit more to add to what @pirate said.

Helmet - don't buy second-hand unless you know the age and previous use. If you use a work type helmet then invest an extra couple of quid for a chin strap (you'll feel a twit but when you lean out to look down a shaft/chamber and then watch you hat and torch disappear you'll realise the strap was a good investment)
head torch - keeps your hands free
spare torch - cable tied to side of helmet - you don't want to be fumbling to open a bag in an emergency
spare torch - in your bag
compass - and know how to use it
candle/waterproof matches

Sensible additions - A few boiled sweets/small bag of fruit & nuts, several triangular bandages, exposure blanket

Do your research so you know the pitfalls and hazards as well as your way out.
Have an agreed contact time with someone and give them instructions that if you haven't called by then, they call you. No contact and they call the police with details of how many people where they were going (OSGB Grid reference is still the best in the UK and is used by ALL emergency services) etc.

None of the above needs be expensive.
What you take will depend on where you are going but know your equipment, where it is (in my backpack safety items are always in the same locations so I don't have to 'think' where they are) and how to use it

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