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Report - Minffordd Hospital, Bangor, North Wales. Feb 2012


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Minffordd Hospital, Bangor, North Wales

Plagiarised from ZerO81's excellent report: "There were a total of 42 fatalities during the Bangor typhoid epidemic of 1882. The source was eventually found to be bacteria transferred in water and milk from a local farm in nearby Bethesda, situated above Bangor's water supply, but efforts to stem the spread of disease were hampered by the fact that the majority of the local health board still believed that the contagion occurred via miasmic vapours, blaming odorous sewers for the problem. The doctor most vocally opposed to the vapour theory contracted the disease and died. The epidemic was eventually controlled, and in the aftermath, Minffordd Hospital was build as the area's infectious diseases hospital with a number of isolation units.
In recent years, Minffordd became a community hospital, and also housed the Gwynedd Alzheimers Society. After a lengthy public consultation, it closed in 2006."

The site is fairly vandalised, with a lot of copper/slate theft which has left large parts open to the elements. Whilst worth visiting if in the area, I'd recommend St Mary's for a real adventure.

Without further ado:


Front Building


Rear of the front building (with snowy mountains in the background)


The site has lots of outbuildings


When in use they must of had nice views from their rooms!


Standard corridor in the site


I really hope that isn't asbestos


Lovely décor



Water damaged room, the floor was still in good condition (but for how long?)


Plenty of toilets should you require..but I think this one needs some repair!



Lots of the windows have been shot by air or BB guns



Yet another toilet, although braving the Welsh weather for this one doesn't seem worth it


This looked great and my shoddy photography has given it no credit, really vivid blue light contrasting against the decaying white paint


I felt artistic, no real point in this picture


However I'm not alone, someone likes the view it seems


Turret - inside was a filled in, brick lined hole (similar to a filled in well.) I'm not sure of its purpose but there is no access to the roof

It is an interesting site from a historical perspective and will probably be redeveloped/flattened soon, but I certainly wouldn't recommend a trip just for this site alone as it was a "seen one room, seen them all" style exploration.

Thanks for looking, Baggles.

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