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Report - Minitron culvert, Sheffield - May '13


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Millsands Goit, or Kelham Island Goit (props to jazzywheelz for the research by the way), was a culvert I'd wanted to look at for ages, the outfall is bang next to work so I saw it almost every day, but it was always put off for something better. It had been explored before apparently, but since we couldn't find anything online about it, we claimed naming rights and settled on "Mini-tron" - anyone familiar with Megatron (the culvert, not the Transformer), will probably be able to tell why.

It's a culverted section of the Don, the creation of which essentially making the original Kelham Island and acting as a mill race to power millwheels etc.
There's a section of open water, but we only looked at the underground parts. The original course has been altered somewhat by modern construction, and we were a bit unsure as to where the original outfall into the Don would have been - probably not where it is now; me and *********** had a look at a short dead end, a silty as fuck former outfall, last year, under Lady's Bridge, which may have been the original outfall for Millsands Goit, the water course running the length of the modern Millsands road.

Visited with jazzywheelz.

We jumped in around where the sluice would have been to control water flow through the wheels.


Running almost parallel to this is a 3ft rubbly zigzaggy passage, but it was so confined in there I didn't bother with any pictures.
There's then an open section leading into two fairly large arched infalls - the left hand one was very heavily silted, with not much water flow. The right hand one was quite impressive.


After maybe 100 yards, with conditions underfoot getting siltier (I did manage to get stuck once or twice!) we came across another small silted up stone archway.


At this point the two large arches converged into one.


The stonework is dropping to bits here, hence the next hundred yards of spraycrete.



There's another short open section, before two parallel 5ft rbp's outfall into the Don. My shots round this area were pretty poor though as it was pissing it down and my camera got a soaking, then I managed to kick water all over it and soak it again...


Short but sweet. Worth a quick look.



Richard Vaughan

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Hi guys, great exploration in my backyard !!! I'm researching the Kelham / Millsands Goyt particularly in relation to its flood risk. I live in Kelham Island. I am so interested to learn more about your exploration of the "former outfall"..... "under Lady's Bridge, which may have been the original outfall for Millsands Goit, the water course running the length of the modern Millsands road."

I have located historical maps (1637,1736, 1737, 1771, 1795, 1808, 1822, 1823, 1832, 1838, 1863, 1873) that show outfalls to the Don close to the current "double gate outfall (Minitron) and another close to the weir at Lady's Bridge. These maps show an open water course running midway between Bridge St and Millsands before making a 90 deg. turn to join the Don at Lady's Bridge. Does this buried goyt still exit and is the former outfall you explored? If so its appears that this outfall has silted up completely and is not managed for flood prevention. I would love to learn more about your findings etc...Great stuff guys !!!

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