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Report - Minnis Farm cottage ; Ewell, Dover. July 18

Calamity Jane

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Old Flint Cottage


This old farm cottage was a surprise to find. We were down in Dover and decided to drive around the country lanes. This area was known for its farms. (Or so I thought). I could not find much out about this little flint cottage and it was getting late, so this was a quick scout around after a long day exploring, so please forgive the photos.
However since our trip I have discovered the whole area could be littered with more cottages like this one. Here is some history, Credit to BHO.
EWELL is situated about three miles westward from Dover, in a like infertile country as that last described, the soil of it being for the most part a hard chalk, the rest of it a kludgy unproductive red earth, mixed with quantities of sharp flint stones. The village of Ewell, with the church, is situated in the large and capacious valley which extends to the land's end at Dover, the high London road leading through it. The houses in this village are little more than cottages, being most of them built of flint, and a great part of them in a very ruinous condition, and it is far from being pleasantly situated.
Surprising history given that there was farmland everywhere. Maybe with it now being infertile as quoted by British history online, that is why many of these flint cottages are in ruinous conditions now.
Anyway onto the photos
Bottom to top

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Thanks for reading/viewing

Calamity Jane

i see beauty in the unloved, places & things
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Dover the place that just keeps giving lol , Thanks @Obscruity, I have`nt posted a report for ages, Ive commented on posts and posted statuses, but Ive been out, so thought best get posting again


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Just been here to explore and it's been burnt down! Only about half of the house remains and inside is charred

Guy Anderson

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Heading down to explore Dover tomorrow. I’m researching my family tree and my dad grew up in Russell street

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