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Report - Mirrlees Works / MAN Diesel - Stockport - January 2012


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Mirrlees / MAN Diesel - Stockport - January 2012

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There was a lead for this place years ago, then Dempsey brought it up again in the summer. I went down to the site on a glorious summer evening to check it out, it was still there, albeit lots had gone and changed.

As part of our special needs day trip out I decided we should have a poke about here and see what the crack is. It was hilarious, let's just say this place is still used for storage and what-not's and I walked into a worker, who fortunately was facing the other way, less than a foot away, so I edged back into the site in a typical 'Hidden Shadow' way, which consisted of flailing arms and funny face gestures.

We probably didn't see everything, but in a nutshell, it's rather large and rather empty save for a few gantries, posters and miscellaneous bits and bobs. I'll probably try and get back at some point for another look around, but it was good to get it done and off the list.

These were all shot handheld and in haste after finding the worker / security in the site, so they're not the best..

The manufacturing of the Mirrlees Diesel Engines in the UK has now ceased and moved to other parts of the world after the company was acquired by MAN. The range of Diesel Engines manufactured by Mirrlees UK (MAN) has now ceased to the best of our knowledge. The Mirrlees range of Engines over the most recent years has been the ‘K major’ along with the ‘MB’ range of Engines.

After the acquisition of Mirrlees and Ruston diesels both companies were merged in the Stockport UK works.

Since that time the original works have undergone redevelopment of new offices on the land that was formerly Mirrlees. At the time of writing (2009) most of the out buildings have been levelled for new buildings and are now up for rent or sale and only a small part of the original Mirrlees buildings remain.

There are still a large amount of Mirrlees diesels in use all over the world, as a result of downsizing in the UK original Mirrlees/Ruston spares have become rare and hard to get hold of...












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28DL Full Member
I work at a firm that overhaul Mirrlees Blackstone engines (that was my picture of the crankcases with the trees growing round them). Our sales manager used to work there. We sometimes supply Mirrlees with spares, as I think the company is only going virtually in name now. As the pictures show, it was enormous. A K Major 6 cylinder weighs around 40 tons and a KV16 100tons, so you need a big building to manufacture them

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