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Report - Mitchell Grieve coalville Leicestershire may 2011


1 of them cnuts off 28dsl
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This is one site that i dont mind admitting has pissed me off for a long time roll back to 2010 and a lead came up on here from a lad in coalville emails sent and we went and had a look,
We walked around the back and noticed the ground floor was being used for storage or offices so away we walk 2 secs latter a security guard arrives,
Now the bloke who turns up is sound as a pound and told us that there was a snooker table on the top floor and even told us the way in that the bottom floor is alarmed but the top and sec down isnt and come back latter and il be gone now time pressing we left it and went vowing to return well life as it is we never went back till recently and i think we have missed alot of what it could have been,
Still a bloody good explore and massive went with carl747.
some info on the company
Mitchell Grieve Ltd. manufactures and supplies latch needles, bearded needles and their associated knitting elements used in a wide variety of industrial knitting machines.

The company offers a very extensive range of double and single hook latch needles, sliders and sinkers etc., typically used in sock machinery such as Lonati, Matec, Bentley and Sangiacomo. It also makes an extensive range of spring beard needles, sinkers, dividers, and transfer points that are used in full-fashion knitting machinery such as Monk, Bentley Cotton and Scheller. Added to this is Mitchell Grieve's manufacture of elements used in single

The old medical center due to the works using hydrochloric acid etc