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Report - Mitchells of Lancaster and Whittingham.


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I've put these together as they were both done over the course of one day. Plus it's only a week since I explored Mitchells with Blueink, so not really worth a whole new report..

After I was last here, a good friend who is more photographer than explorer was keen to see inside. As I couldn't see a good reason not to I went along with him.

The good news is that while there were signs at entry that someone had been in, everything still looks untouched inside.
Less encouraging is the fact that the local grapevine is saying that the removal of the roof is to allow the listed maltings to reach a state whereby it can be demolished.
Either way, I'd imagine that Mitchells will probably degrade quickly this year.

Just a couple of pictures here then.





After leaving my friend to go home and play with his pictures, I headed on to the main event for the day.

Whittingham County Asylum has to be one of the most visited and reported sites at the moment, despite or perhaps because of this it has become my local explore. Over the last eighteen months or so I've probably spent close to 24 hours here.
It's the first place I can say I've really got my teeth into. It took two visits before I figured out how to get in, I'm not ashamed to say that I was intimidated by the scale of the place when I first saw it through the trees.
I've taked people on their first explores there, some are now hooked, others just think I'm a bit strange.
One workmate stayed outside while i was in and loved playing hide and seek with the security, sending a constant stream of text mesages teling me how much fun he was having.
I've had comedy encounters with security and also met people inside.
All in all I've had a lot of fun with the old girl.

On a different subject, I've just finished a contract in the area and will be moving away.
So this is probably less report and more me saying "Ta for now" to Whittingham.

In a stark contrast to Mitchells an hour earlier, I can't believe how much the winter has affected the buildings, The upstairs floors seem to be the safest places now..








Hopefully all fixed..
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