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Report (Permission Visit) Mitre Hotel, Burnley - March 2012


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First time so please be gentle!
Built sometime before 1870 and originally tied to Nelson Brewers Brown & Astley it was later taken over by Massey's Burnley Brewery. A popular pub for much of its life until the 1974 construction of the M65 removed a large number of nearby properties and with it much the pubs clientele, this coupled with the loss of much of the local industry led to the pub finally closing its doors in 1998. It was bought in the early 2000's by a couple of local "businessmen" who intended to turn the hotel into a carpet shop, in doing this they ripped out most of the original features and replaced them with grey concrete and pine cladding, they also demolished one of the double arched feature windows, replacing it with a square monstrosity, they also began renovating the former hotel rooms upstairs. Then they ran out of money, the carpet shop never opened and they did a runner leaving the council to buy it back and remove tons of rubbish. It has lain empty ever since and is now sadly rotting away. There has been recent talk of it being bought up again and used as part of the local Weavers Triangle development but I won't be holding my breath. Shortly before it closed, workmen found the skeleton of a baby wrapped in newspaper from the early 1900's when knocking out a chimney in one of the upstairs rooms.

Mitre etc 138.JPG

Floor mosaic which has survived the concrete, behind the main door

Mitre etc 149.JPG
Mitre etc 151.JPG
Stairs to nowhere, the top of the stairs was blocked off, possibly a second entrance to the first floor

Mitre etc 152.JPG
Steps down to the multi vaulted stone cellar which runs the length of the building

Mitre etc 153.JPG
Inside the cellar

Mitre etc 155.JPG
Cellar, the pint glass in the Belfast sink is the only remaining sign that this was once a thriving pub.
Mitre etc 156.JPG
Cellar, area where the barrels were connected
Mitre etc 161.JPG
Ground floor, main door on right, bar would have stood at right angles between the central pillar and curved around the wall into what would have been another room before it was open-planned.
Mitre etc 162.JPG
Stairs to first floor

Mitre etc 164.JPG
Tile detail on stairs
Mitre etc 166.JPG
First floor main room which once housed a full size snooker table. Living area was behind the partition wall and also stairs to second floor and hotel rooms.

Mitre etc 167.JPG

First floor lengthways

Mitre etc 168.JPG

Mitre etc 172.JPG
One of the few finished rooms
Mitre etc 174.JPG
Corridor from first floor to the unfinished extension.
Mitre etc 182.JPG
One of the unfinished rooms with the hotel's last remaining residents
Mitre etc 185.JPG
The second floor looking down to the first floor. The second floor is probably in the worst condition
Mitre etc 190.JPG

Another of the unfinished rooms
Mitre etc 198.JPG
Stairs and landing on second floor
Mitre etc 200.JPG
Main door on ground floor

Mitre etc 202.JPG

Ground floor looking toward side door, on right is the window that they put in after ripping out the feature double arched window. You can see where the walls once stood in what was a multi roomed pub.
Mitre etc 203.JPG

About as close as they came to selling carpet. This was the bar area and kitchen behind, there is an old wooden parquet floor which is now very damp.
Mitre etc 204.JPG
Bar would have been on right in this room, Gents toilets ahead.
Mitre etc 208.JPG
Original stone tiles, most have been covered with concrete
Mitre etc 213.JPG
Set of keys on door to snug, looks like they were planning to use it as an office as the door was metal
Mitre etc 215.JPG
Ground floor, bar would have run between the wood and wall and then at right angles into what would have been another room at one time
Mitre etc 222.JPG
On left is the entrance to the cellar, straight ahead is the snug with a hatch and on the right is the side entrance
Mitre etc 231.JPG
The unfinished extension in the area which was once stables
Mitre etc 236.JPG
Front view of the Mitre
Mitre etc 241.JPG

Side view of the Mitre
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I know about this one but havent got round to investigating, i wasnt expecting it to be so clean!! Is this recently?


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28DL Full Member
It was 2013. It's kept in reasonable Nick as it is council owned, the place is very damp though and gets worse the higher you go.


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Good stuff :thumb Seems to be quite a bit kicking around in Burnley

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