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Used for Special Stage rallying. Competed there a couple of times myself. Defo no chance of a wonder during the event and we even had to return the supplied maps with our final time cards. It'd a massive site though, loads to see......


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It is still a semi live site in that the MOD use it for training and also rent it out for use to intersted parties.

Not so bad running into the Top Gear crew but could just as easily be the Irish Army Rangers or the Metropolitan Police Dog Unit...


Its a former Royal Navy Propellant Factory and was never part of the Ministry of Supply/Royal Ordnance Factory management chain,and closed in the 60's - ROF's were govenment owned not MoD as such! Whats left was privatised as 'Royal Ordnance plc' and is now owned by BAE Systems.

it has been a USAF Ammunition Depot followed by an RAF Depot before being used as a MoD training area. Which means control of the area was at some time transfered to Defence Estates

I do not now if the site has been cleared and officaly declassified as a Explosives Area. CAD Bramley closed in the 70's and never declassified for example, but CAD Corsham & CAD Nescliff were cleared and declared clean. Many ex MoD sites are contaminated as are former industrail sites, and may never be cleared.

Royal Navy Propellant Factory, Caerwent - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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I used to live right next to this place.
One of my earliest memories are of the Chinook helicopters that used to go in and out of there.

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I used to visit an old folks home with work at the end of the RNPF site. One afternoon whilst beating the lift doors back into shape in the car park, several large explosions somewhat shook me. "oh don't worry about those, its just the army playing next door" said the nurse in charge. Some very distinctive helicopters were also present as well. I have heard of open days being run, although not for a few years.



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Sub Brit did a visit there once too; probably best part of 8 or 10 years ago. We had free reign over pretty much the whole site.