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Report - Moel Fferna Slate Mine - North Wales - June 2013

Will Knot

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What a weekend, fabulous, managed a couple of explores with some great company to top it off! (You know who you are, members and non, thanks for everything).:thumb

Brief: Moel Fferna slate quarry, is an underground working mine, which was opened in the 1860s, in Glyndyfrdwy, Merionethshire. It closed in 1960. Early workings tended to be in surface pits, but as the work progressed downwards, it became necessary to work underground. This was often accompanied by the driving of one or more adits to gain direct access to a Level. In some instances, such as Moel Fferna, the workings were entirely underground. :confused

The trip was discussed and arranged a couple of weeks ago and I've been looking forward to it since. I had done some homework, seen the pics and read the stuff about the mine. Whilst I was a little nervous, never done the underground bit or abseiled before, I was also very excited. :thumbs

The journey up was a bit steep, walking the hill to the shaft entrance but the views were breathtaking.........










Thanks for taking the time to view........:hello Will Knot

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