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Report - Monks Ferry rail tunnel. Birkenhead Jan 2012


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Monks Ferry Railway Tunnel was built in 1844 for a branch line to connect to Monks Ferry landing stage on the river Mersey. It was used to carry coal to the river Mersey where it could be loaded on to ships. It used to emerge right next to Birkenhead Town Station where it would join the main line to Chester.


The area where it emerges is now an over grown wasteland, criss crossed by flyovers.

Here is the entrance pictured in 1975. It is the one on the right. The left one goes to Woodside ferry terminal. You can see the wall and windows of the old station booking hall above the tunnel. Parts of that wall still remain today.


Today it is blocked off at the end. There is a vertical shaft which, thanks to some investigating by a few exploring colleagues a few years ago, we know emerges under a man hole cover in the middle of an office car park. It is not known if the tunnel extends beyond the brick wall and for how far. The tunnel has also been partially filled up with rubble.

Explored with Trancentral and Rocks.

I would also like to state for the record that we had nothing to do with the recent date, LCC logo and "28 DAYS LATERZ" that has been sprayed on the wall at the end of the tunnel.:rolleyes:





There is not much to photograph down there to be honest





The latest must have electronic gadgets.

Thanks for looking.


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