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Report - Monks Park quarry - Corsham - September 2020


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This is my first report so if I do anything wrong or something let me know.

Monks Park quarry is an underground bath stone quarry just south of Corsham in Wiltshire. It was opened in 1886 by Issac Sumsion. Like many quarries in the area at the beginning of WW2 the government took control of the quarry but this quarry was never used. The quarry then reopened in 1952 and operated until 2008 when it closed. It was then reopened in 2016 by Hanson but after 2 years the quarry was mothballed and is now empty again.

The explore
This was an unplanned explore I did back in September last year. I was in the area visiting a few of the old military railways and quarries and didn't realise Monks park quarry had become mothballed. After driving past it was very clear the site was now disused so after parking the car nearby I spent about an hour wandering around taking photos. There is not loads to see when compared to other sites but as I am a big fan of little industrial railways I was very excited to find lots of old wagons laying around the site. Sadly the underground workings are securely sealed up as there is probably still all the quarrying equipment still down there.




The winding engine that would haul wagons loaded with stone up out of the quarry up the slope shaft.



Top of the slope shaft


Looking down the slope shaft


Modern steel wagons that would bring the stone up the slope shaft


Old samson coal cutter used to saw the stone underground. I think this one dates back to WW2 when they were used to help convert the quarries for military use.


Old wooden wagon chassis.

I hope this is an ok first report and since its lockdown again I hope to get round to posting some more old explores, probably more bath stone quarries.


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Not surprised the underground bits are sealed. Lots of twitchy curtains in the area and a rapid police reponse time.... as we found out a few years ago...
That was comical. I was in the doghouse for weeks after that night since I had told the other half that there would be no police involved and it would be very chilled!


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2 of the coppers look photshopped in!

They almost had Rod Lafarge running a hanson quarry, very close to when Charles Peugeot got a job a Citreon

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