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Report - Monkton Farleigh ammunition tunnel


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Greetings all ,

Be gentle with me its my first post . I'm pretty new to this highly addictive 'hobby' and wanted to explore this tunnel before its vandalised to death .

As you decend into the tunnel area theres a piece or corrugated tin covering a nasty hole at the base of the stairs so DONT tread on it :) . The initial entry into the 'office' area is a little daunting and somewhat creepy and there is plenty of evidence of partying and drug use so be careful what you touch . I will say at this point I was staggered by the sheer amount of graffiti that adorns this entire place , some if not most is the usual sh*t you always see ,but there are one or two pieces that show the genuine skills of the artist involved.
The walk into the tunnel is easy enough but the steady climb up its length is a killer (well it is for a 53 year old with to many layers on and a fecked knee) , I would recommend taking a drink with you as it becomes thirsty work . There are service culverts here n there along its length some of which are exposed so keep an eye out for them . We are followed in after we had entered the tunnel proper and this can be a little unnerving as the echoes chase you up the tunnel :) .
The end is rather a let down as its capped and someones managed to open up a small hole in the wall ….you can see the back fill which includes one of the old rail trucks . I know its possible to crawl in , up and along a little further if youre skinny enough , which sadly i'm not . also theres a refreshing breeze that wafts through the hole.
Will mention that about half way along the tunnel its almost 'Foggy' , it shows on the pictures and video I took along the route , dont know if anyone else has experienced this .
All in all a well worth visit .. thanks for reading ,hope ive not bored anyone to much.
I took some video if anyones interested ..














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