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Monkton Farleigh and Box


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I did a surface explore of this ex munitions underground storage depot recently and also went up the 1 mile tunnel from the railway. It's an amazing area.

I've been looking at Box mines as a potential future place. I've been piecing together info on how to get in (the back door near the tennis court is popular, there's also other options in the woods)

I've done most of my exploring on my own but with a place like that I think I need party. So, is anyone up for it? I'm going to go and do a surface recce first.

I've got some good photos. To post them on here I assume I need to host them somewhere and then post the links.


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Yep, I wouldn't do Box alone.

Hard hat
Head torch
Spare torch
Spare batteries
2 x sets of maps from the Quarrymans arms (the one you posted is great but dosn't have the southern section, and jacks entrance. The maps from quarrymans have alot more info on the back, including a 'guided route')
Decent boots, I go with wellys, boiler suit and knee pads.

Always ring someone and leave details of where you are and when you expect to be out. In case of problems call the police and ask for Mendip cave rescue. But do anything you can to avoid this as it would bring unwanted attention.

There's a bit of shit going on around Backdoor and i'd be going in Jacks although it's a bit harder to get to cath and red door ect...

Oh you need the key.. PM me if you need one.


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28DL Full Member
Thanks, Yeah. I take 3 torches on explores. I've got my climbing hat. Loads of food and water, never without it. Whistle, survival bag, compass. Yes.

I've been reading up via google and there are other entrances in the woods to the South of the big tennis courte back door entrance.

Do the quarry mans still sell maps then? I heard that they've stopped loaning the key.


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28DL Full Member
I went into Browne's Folly mine today via muddy hole. My research paid off - I took a compass bearing off the main entrance and walked the correct distance and then looked around. At that moment 2 cavers appeared out of the undergrowth so I knew I was close. After a quick chat with them I went in for an explore. It's very tidy inside. I got a load of photos. I'm going back with company.
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