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Report - Mono Orphanage aka Crying Baby Hospital, Italy - April 2015


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The first stop on our Italian Urbex tour the abandoned Mono Orphanage aka Crying Baby Hospital. As with quite a few of the locations on our trip this spot had been quite popular mainly because of the huge rooms filled with rows of beds. Sadly by the time we got there the beds had been taken apart and stacked in a room awaiting removal and the building appeared to have been cleaned out a bit internally and the grounds had freshly cut trees in them. This might suggest someone has bought the building and intends to renovate the place, but I cannot confirm this.

Despite the beds being gone there were still plenty of things to shoot here including a couple of classrooms complete with children’s stools and desks and a medical room with a dentist type chair and several bottles of unknown liquids. Light was favourable and I’m pretty happy with my shots from here, bit of a shame about the beds and the graffiti but a nice location non the less. Visited with Matt, Andy K and Spider Monkey.











Higher res copies of the above photos and a few more shots on my website: http://www.proj3ctm4yh3m.com/urbex/...ge-aka-crying-baby-hospital-italy-april-2015/


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Cheers bud! shame about the beds being collapsed, someone had definitely been clearing the place inside and out, few trees been trimmed around the building... probably going up for sale I expect.
I think your right, when we went at a similar time all the beds had gone, luckily I've been before when it was full..still a lovely place, looks like an overall good trip.