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Report - Monoplast plastic factory - Badger Lane - Halifax/Sunnyvale - February 2013


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Firstly, id just like to say that this is my first ever post and one of my first abandoned explorations.

Here are a few pictures of the old and derelict Monoplast plastics factory in Sunnyvale near Halifax. I have been down a few times now and the last time i went down i took my camera down with me to mainly capture some of the amazing art work down there. As of that i haven't many shots of the actual buildings and believe me , there is many down there. But i guess you'll have to go down there and take a look for yourself.

As of the history to this place, i have been told that at first it was a brick factory. Hence the reason there are tones of bricks laying about everywhere. And after that, the Monoplast plastics company bought it and converted it into a plastics factory. Also, i know there has been half a dozen fires down there and one quite recently. There is also a big lake down there which was once a boating lake and part to another family fun day complex which was once very popular in the 1920's to 1970's era I THINK.

Anyway, i have attached some pictures of the place which i got. (sorry theres not many) If you are passing or ever get the chance. Defiantly go and explore this place but make sure to pack your wellies as it gets very muddy en route. :)








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