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Report - Montenegro-Abandoned Club Med resort -May 2012


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We are now, once again... :wanker at the Adriatic Sea, this time at the island of Sveti Marko, a former Club Med resort, which was abandoned for more than 20 years ago.

Long text this time, hope for indulgence for my poor English.. :(

The origin of the French Club Méditerranée, better known as Club Med, can be traced back to 1935-1936 when the French were given two weeks paid vacation and a need for simpler holiday camps emerged. Some volunteers opened one in Corsica in 1935 a simple little resort in the form of a campsite with a restaurant.

Then came World War II and the plan around simple "resorts" for the French, was resting until 1950 when the Club Med was formed. They opened places with simple vacation facilities, including Majorca and Sicily. They used cheap surplus materials, including large tents, which were sold out by the Allied Forces who now left Europe. Simple living and less activity, was offered, the requirements were not so great at the time...

The economy was a problem, even though it was simple plants the investment costs was high when the number of establishments grew rapidly due to high demand, and in 1957 became the Club Med a company, followed by subsequent great expansion in terms of the number of facilities around the world, often in exotic destinations . In the coming years the company was brilliant good. Club Med's concept is considered by many to be the origin of what we are now in the 2000s terms such as "all inclusive".

During 1980-1990's, increasing competition and customers put greater demands on comfort and activities. 11 september attacks (2001) against the United States and the subsequent reduction in flights and tourist trips was almost the kill for Club Med, but they took quite soon promptly decided to focus on the more exclusive and closed down a number of more simple resorts.

Back to the Adriatic Sea
But now we return to the Adriatic Sea and Montenegro, which at that time, was part of Yugoslavia. 1962 opened Club Med an resort on the island of Sveti Marko. The island was (is) full of bungalows in the form of reed huts. Just like other Club Med facilities, it was "all inclusive" that mattered. Just walking around in bathing suits all day, play some ping pong or tennis, swim and have a good time, eat dinner together. The only water activity was initially water-skiing, then came windsurfing and sailing, and of course they offered every night entertainment at the outdoor stage and long nights at the bars.

Abrupt end of season 1991
The summer of 1991 was the final season for Club Med on Sveti Marko. (The season was obviously very abrupt ending July 6 at 11:45 am) 25 June 1991 declared Croatia (and Slovenia), its independence from Yugoslavia. In Croatia broke out immediately, after the declaration of independence, conflict between the Croatian military and Serb rebels, it was the start of "Croatian War of Independence."

Later in the 1991 autumn spreads war and the JNA forces (Jugoslovenska Národná Armija - Yugoslav People's Army) advanced by including Montenegro to attack Croatia which formed a separate army. In 1992, ongoing heavy fighting, particularly around Dubrovnik. In the following years alternated between a form of truce, and fresh disturbances, it was not until around 1998 that things calmed down completely, but then was Club Med on Sveti Marko probably completely beyond saving. Maturing in combination shattered infrastructure and holidaymakers' demands for higher standards of accommodation and activities made the Sveti Marko was left to his fate ....

After the war
It has in the past 10 years have been great plans for the island, there has been talk of both the Russian and Spanish investors who bought the entire island to build luxury -lägenheter/villor that would cover the whole island, and turn it green paradise into a giant " guarded community", but local opposition seems to have put a stop to the plans, at least for now...

The visit
We passed near Sveti Marko in 2011, but no time on that occasion. Now it was 2012, my traveling companions had figured out how we would get out to the island. So there we were suddenly in a small wobbly boat, the weather was not the best, the rain was in the air, and it was with great excitement, we arrived at the small island.

We had a lovely walk around, you could see really how Club Med and holidaymakers hastily left the Sveti Marko July 6, 1991, most of it remained, they were probably hoping to get back in the summer of 1992, the war would be something of short duration, but it did it is not ... Club Med never came back....


By the way, beer in a pub or restaurant in the area, costs around 1-1,2 Euros... :Not Worthy

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The entire gallery with more pictures HERE!
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Silvan Mühlemann

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For six years in a row I spent each summer vacation with my family Sveti Marko. You pictures made a lot of great memories reappear. Thanks a lot for that report. I really appreciated it!

Heinz Reich

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Thank you for these pictures! I was working there for 3 seasons. Was the best time of my life! And "responsable de ski" who left this final message was my best boss in all these years. Makes me feel a bit melancholic to see the ruins of my youth ;-)