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Report - Monument tower crane - London - Oct' 2011


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I spotted this scaffolding a while ago, but had to put it off to another day as other explores came up.

While in the area with Ratfink we happened to come across it again and noticed they'd built a crane through the middle since I last saw it.
No one was on site, so we went for a wander around inside. What I didn't bare in mind was Monument was next door, and at that time of day was full of tourists. So when I walked out onto the roof I looked up to see Japanese tourists glaring down on me.
After a quick retreat, we carried on our day completing a bank job.

Later that evening, with considerably more money, we deemed it dark enough to begin our ascent.
I wasn't expecting much out of this crane, but the views were really quite nice, with the back of the crane and counterweights leaning over Lower Thames Street, which allowed some good shots of light trails travelling the length of it.

I can't find much on the site itself, other than the basement housed The Brittania pub. What I do know for sure, is that it's being demolished.



Lower to Upper Thames Street:

There wasn't much I could do about the flare... :(
Lower Thames Street:


The Monument:

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