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Report - Moor House, Liverpool, April 2010


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28DL Full Member
Situated above James Street Station, and next to the old Titanic Offices, its a pretty typical bland office block. At 6 stories its not particually high, but still has some nice views, and a few things on the roof.
The offices appear to be under refurb, as all the floors are empty, and many windows have been removed. I thought of going inside, but didnt really fancy being cornered on my own so left it.
I was hoping there might have been some access to the Titanic Offices, but alas there was not.

Not many pictures, but they should give you an idea of the roof anyway. No external, cos I didnt fancy hanging around after I'd been up.

There was a track running around the entire roof, with a lift that could move along (I presume for window cleaning?), and also a random tree in a bin right in the middle, for no apparent reason.

Looking up the highstreet towards radio city.

Looking towards Albert Dock, and the Mann Island building site. One day, I'll be up those cranes.

The back section of the Titanic Offices.

The lift room, got loads of schematic diagrams in a fancy wooden case, and folders with info on how to fix the lift.

Titanic offices to the front left, James street station offices surrounding them.

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