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Report - Moorgreen Hospital Southampton - August 2015


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Moorgreen is a small, 78 bed, community hospital in Southampton. Opened in 1848 as a workhouse, the site became a Public Assistance Institution in the 1930s, before being taken over by the NHS in 1948. Most of the site remains active, with one large and a couple of smaller buildings along the front edge of the site, although we only explored the main building. Several wards of the hospital have closed in recent years, between 2005 and 2011, although I couldn't say which were within the main building. The site was recently in the news due to an apparent teenage 'fight club' taking place within the buildings (http://www.dailyecho.co.uk/news/133...spital_that_is_now_home_to_teen__fight_club_/)
The main building is several buildings melded into one dark and confusing mess of corridors; the building as a whole is fairly nondescript with only a few interesting features; a lovely relaxed Sunday morning explore.
Pictures are slightly crappy because I still haven't quite got the hang of using a GoPro patiently, so struggle with lighting and focus sometimes, and this is my first report in a while!


Coughs and sneezes - some lovely NHS features left, even if it is just pandemic flu warnings

Some of the rooms are reasonably intact. A surprising lack of wiring theft throughout the site.


Whereas some of the site is really quite forlorn.


Some thought-provoking graffiti.

Would you like some peely paint for lunch?

The top floor archive rooms had glorious wooden floors and other original Victorian features


Fantastically unevenly worn original stone stairs

And a nice crisp copy of the Daily Sketch from October 1956.

Not the best explore, but also far from the worst. And oddly enough, no fighting teenagers.


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I have to attend the nearby clinic and Barratt Homes have put CCTV cameras around now. They are seeking permission to change it into luxury homes with a games field (bowling or boules). Despite this there is still evidence of people going through the back windows. Shall do an update when I work out howl


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Looks like a good explore... The pics are good but reckon they would look so much better if they weren't all fisheyey, not saying they're shit or anything but would just look better if they were 'normal', well i think so anyway. Thanks for posting.