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Report - Morden Mill Dorset


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
I was driving along the A35 to Dorchester and i came across this old mill. It is right next to the road but if you blink you could miss it.

I have tried to find out some history on the place but could only find out that it was owned and run by the Lawrence family with several workers and was operational in the 1860's. The mill and farm house was listed in 1971 as a grade 2 listed building.

There is a local tramp that lives in the barn area but if you leave him alone, he is fine with you looking around. He showed me a entry point into the farm house via a back window that was not boarded up .

There are three buildings on the site, the barn, farmhouse and The mill.

The Barn

Farm House

The Mill

Inside the Farm House




Inside the Mill







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28DL Member
28DL Member
Just joined due to this property. Will cut&paste this narrative on all 3 of existing posts to aid others. Will be succinct to avoid boring you! A pal aimed to go to the TankFest in Dorset 270615, I was to research a freelance camping pitch, but in being an avid lover of abandoned places (ie, farmsteads, dwellings, lone barns, etc) Googled for hours and among others, found this place by accident. Immediately fascinated. We went there 280615. Parked on road by logs opposite site where v small layby located (see on StreetView). No one has been there recently, as the undergrowth - nettles/brambles in tact, so no access, we had to make own path (quite easy). All other access points to property subsequently in tact, so not recently forayed. Totally amazing settlement. Thought caution initially needed as new aerial on chimney of large house, + 2 sets of elevated cables go to it, but place is as in the images, and abandoned;
No one there, including the tramp. House is inaccessible, well sealed (En building on satellite). What looks like big barn on left is actually the mill -again, no way in. The long structure to the south is a set of 4-5 spacious low ceiling barns/byres(?) with cobbled floors, totally accessible. Above is a loft area accessed via fairly safe wooden staircase at Wn end. As you poke head through entrance, large pile of hay at that end, and good, fully wooden floor boarding, but didn't go up. Byres below fairly free of anything - some industrial and domestic bits, and in barn 3 or 4, big pile of scattered food cartons, etc, and notably, recent Tesco poly bags. NB. All barn entrances had waist-high nettles so no one been there in past few years. Courtyard between these buildings is uncluttered and almost looks husbanded in parts, but a few items hint at recent activity, like a length of yellow strimmer line (by lean-to garage abutting house).
This is a magnificent gem of beauty - beautiful in its lostness and isolation, and yet terribly sad in being left to rot. I read here that restoration was planned, but doubt it'll happen as the outlay would be phenomenal. Aside of the infrastructure, ie, putting the buildings and mill workings in order, the lake to the NW would need dredging, and the culverts from the NW, and those due south, immediately below the A35. Its a Grade 2 List that'll undoubtedly be left to decay beyond viable repair (often occurs these days). A travesty, as it is part of our heritage with no doubt a long and interesting history, ideally located in an area of great beauty, that with the right management-investment could become a tourist attraction, thus becoming a preserved slice of Local History and a priceless, long-term asset to the local economy. Instead, it'll likely remain an abandoned feature only discovered in coming years by those that can monitor its gradual demise.
We left, making back to the road through the nettles. At that very moment, a ramshackled Land Rover slid past, 100ft from us, the drivers head craning at its approached. He aimed to stop, but was prevented by the speeding traffic behind him. He was obliged to drive past, heading east, and sped up and out of view. He'd obviously seen our car parked in the 'layby' (by logs across the road) and knew what was happening. Instinct kicked in. We vaulted across the busy tarmac and made off like a rocket! We both drove away wondering what can be done for the place? Regards.

Millii Stewart

28DL Member
28DL Member
Nice report! Actually went there to film a title sequence for a horror film for a Uni project!!! Creepy place! Picked up a scream and several voices on my camera, which were definitely not there at the time! Sure a murder may have taken place there. Heard footsteps, but there was no one around for miles. Someone should try and rescue the property. The Drax family do own it, but even though they are millionaires, they obviously have better things to spend their money on. Such a shame someone else can't buy it like the National Trust! With some work it could be a lovely National Trust property with tea rooms. Would love a group of paranormal investigators to go there though, because it's so freaky!


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Regular User
Actually went there to film a title sequence for a horror film for a Uni project!!! Creepy place!
It isn't

Picked up a scream and several voices on my camera, which were definitely not there at the time!
You didn't

Sure a murder may have taken place there.
It didn't

Heard footsteps, but there was no one around for miles.
You didn't

Would love a group of paranormal investigators to go there
I wouldn't


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Looks great! Awesome pics! Did you come across any asbestos in here? Just curious because I've never really liked mills & farm buildings because they tend to be common to have asbestos.

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