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Report - More Tip Digging - Denbigh Asylum


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Well people seemed to like seeing some of our finds at High Royds last weekend so here's some more.. This time we decided to take advantage of the imminent start of spring and head up to Denbigh for a root about.. In the end we didn't even bother going in the hospital. It was too nice mooching about the hillsides with the sun on our backs!!

The tip was a lot sparser than at Royds (more like we are used to!) but still had plenty of nice things in it. Not so many bottles this time but loads of asylum crested china! There were at least 6 different styles of crest and it made a change to be turning around to check every little bit of white that went over your shoulder. Usually i wouldn't look twice at pottery but when it says Lunatic Asylum on ever other bit its worth it..

My best find.. maybe half of a massive crested plate, just because of its stupid size.. Dweebs best was probably the red crested/black rimmed bowl or an amazing 'fish head' pipe that hopefully he will share.. Laura scooped a mint blue poison that was just laying there in the dirt as well!