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Report - Moreton Hall - Moreton Morrell - September 2013


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Moreton Hall is a Grade Two listed Georgian styled Edwardian house, built in the early 1900s and located in Moreton Morrell, Warwickshire, England. It is the location of Moreton Morrel Centre, the agricultural campus of Warwickshire College.

In March 2008, the Hall was gutted by a fire (Major fire causes £6m damage to Georgian-style mansion as 80 firefighters battle in vain to quench blaze | Mail Online) but has now been re-roofed and is well on the way to full restoration.

Today we managed to have a look around.

The front of the hall


Someone left the washing up


The fountain at the back of the hall


Some pretty grimy sinks, complete with old bar of soap


A stack of doors, probably waiting to be re-hung


Plaster-work detail


One of the few remaining original features


An original bathroom remains


Leamington brick work co, now defunct


Original bathroom furniture


Evidence of the fire damage


Little staircase up to the attic


Little staircase up to the attic


Beautiful plasterwork ceiling had half collapsed. The organ pipes were half missing also


Evening sunlight illuminates some the old wood panelling


Some kitchen equipment neatly stacked


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Oliver Bacon

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Is this abandoned or is it a used building that looks abandoned inside? I'm fairly local to this place so I was wondering about it.

Great report, and this place looks amazing whether it's strictly abandoned or not!


Hooked on curiosity
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Hey. Not strictly abandoned, no, but not used either. During restoration work we think the builders left it unlocked one Sunday by accident. We happened to be walking past and there was no one about so we went in. I believe it is currently up for sale and although they have done some clean up work they haven't bothered to finish up inside as the buyer will do that. (This info was from a Morton Morrell resident just a couple of weeks ago)

Oliver Bacon

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28DL Full Member
Thanks for replying so quickly! I'll probably check it out in the near future and just see if I can get in because it looks like an amazing building.

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