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Report - Moreton-in-Marsh Cottage Hospital, Gloucestershire - January 2015


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Moreton-in-Marsh Cottage Hopsital, Gloucestershire.


Visited with huey on a rather grizzly January afternoon. Some history:

The Moreton Cottage Hospital was built by private subscription in 1873 on land given by Lord Redesdale at the north end of the town in Back Ends. The first small stone building had seven beds, but in 1879 it was extended following a £3,000 bequest by Dr. William Sands Cox, the founder of Queen's College, Birmingham. The Joseph Phipps charity gave a further £1,000 stock to the hospital in 1886 and an operating theatre was built in 1900. Further extensions took place in 1919, when £2,000 was bequeathed to the hospital, and again in 1935. The hospital, which had been managed by trustees, came under the authority of the Banbury and District Hospital Management Committee after 1946 before being permanently closed in March 2012 when the new £11m North Cotswolds Hospital opened nearby. Although not listed, a temporary restriction was placed on the Victorian parts of the hospital in 2013 preventing their demolition.
Initially this looked to be a promising site, with Victorian doors and wood paneling visible through the windows which is always the hallmark of quality. However upon entry it was evident that all was not as it seemed and that this was in fact part of a film set. Indeed the entire hospital appears to be used as storage for props and other filming-related crap, though fortunately a few items of medical paraphernalia remain, most notably the operating theatre which is always nice to see. In general though it is a fairly stripped, modern and uninspiring site and only really worth a nosey if you're in the area.

I feel obliged to point out that the site is heavily belled up, and whilst we weren't caught we only spent a tentative twenty minutes or so wandering around with the alarms ringing before we felt (or at least huey felt :gay) we were pushing our luck. As such my photos are utterly gash and I'm not sure I'll be returning in a hurry. However there's a few areas we didn't see (namely the laundry, kitchens and boiler house) and who knows, there could be an epic stash of Victoriana in the loft, so perhaps there is still hope!

Some pictures:




The whole place is littered with weird props:


Conservatory full of hospital tat:


Note the pub sign(!)


This door was pretty much the only original feature left in the place:


Finally, this chapel set-up looked interesting through the windows but is again entirely fake. Still interesting I suppose, but in a different way.


By no means the best place I've ever seen, not by a long shot, but always good to see somewhere new. Nice to document a historic site as well, and hopefully the locals and former workers might appreciate seeing some pictures of this much-loved cottage hospital. :thumb
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ahhh..beaten to it

this was actually on my to-do list for last week - went somewhere else instead. The report for that will be posted on Tuesday - Huey knows where

Thanks for sharing - thumbs up from me


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Yeah, glad you said it probably was a bit too far with the little intel that we had.

Tuesday should be a fairly interesting! :cool Speaking of which, did the piccy of me in the chopper come out alright?

e2a: Sorry, forgot to say thanks for posting the report.
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Awesome, thanks for posting this. We actually went NYD to scope it out but got disturbed so had to leave it.


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Nice report and bloody quick too-always a pleasure mate!

we only spent a tentative twenty minutes or so wandering around with the alarms ringing before we felt (or at least huey felt :gay)
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