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Morning all, from Gloucestershire


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28DL Full Member
Hi everyone :)

I'm Thomas, also known as Fluffy.

Relatively new to this exploring lark compared to the rest of you, quite apprehensive about signing up here, but thought I'd say Hi anyway :D
I've done a few places in a relatively short space of time including; what remains of Standish Hospital, Cathedral chamber (Box and Browns mines), Newport Towers ruin and The Palace Hotel, Torquay (yesterday...!)

I work on the Gloucester Sharpness canal, sleep a lot, eat my girlfriends great cooking and in my spare time I fly hot air balloons. If you've ever seen a blue and black balloon floating around Gloucestershire or down at the Bristol Fiesta, that'd be me!

I've got about 50 odd pins on my google maps that I'd like to get through at some point over the next few years, and hoping to meet some likeminded folks for some good days out exploring.
Have a great week guys,


Lord Oort

Fear is the little death
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Welcome, You're Kian's mate aren't you?

Hope you enjoyed Box and Browns!

Have a look at the survival guide if you haven't already

Any other questions just ask mate :thumb


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28DL Full Member
Hi Oort,

Yeah, that's right, Kian works on the same canal with me during the Summer months. Infact it was he and his friends who took me down Browns, I was very grateful.

I think I've done everything the survival guide tells me to, apologies if not! Just got my first report up.

Thanks for the welcome :)


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28DL Full Member
You might have said it was you Al, save me looking like a twat! Haha. I didn't know! Feel like a derp now :D

Down and beyond

From the land of the pillar and stall
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Hello and welcome along mate am sure will bump into you at some point along the lines will more
Than likely be down a mine shaft hope you enjoyed your trip with Alex would of also been their with my small group but we already had made plans sadly best of luck mate


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28DL Full Member
Thanks for your kind words bud, much appreciated.

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