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Morning from Kent.


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I was put onto this forum by a trainer at a recent event who said they’re into urban exploration. I’m interested in the photography angle of such exploring, having seen some really interesting stuff pop up on Instagram & Flickr in the last few years.

I live in Whitstable, mid 40’s and have done some previous exploring, mainly St Augustine’s MH hospital that was at Chartham a number of years ago, before they pulled the remainder down for a housing estate. I wasn’t photographing back then and somewhat kicking myself now given how quickly the hospital went.
I had done some more exploring as a yoof around Corby, my home town where the old steelworks were (did a geography project on the impact of the closure) and exploring some of the empty factory units around the town where businesses were coming and going.

I think I need to keep my eye out more as I work out and about in Kent and look for some good places to visit. I was in an old care home last week someone had started renovation on, they said when they took it over it looked like an alien abduction site, croissants still on plates, half of cups of tea (it had been an urgent closure). I shall have to carry the camera with me more often as well out of habit.
Anyhoo, morning,


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Good morning and welcome along to the forums form another Kent member. I'm just down the road in Thanet.
There are plenty of interesting places to explore around Kent and lots shared on this forum already. :thumb

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