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Report - morrisons culvert , Ecclesfield 6.9.2020


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Was not sure were to post this ( if at all ) was going to tag it on with the blackburn brook 2 but decided to give it its own report as its not part of the blackburn brook but does flow in to it , looking on maps i was aware there was another culvert at the side of the relatively new morrisons supermarket at ecclesfield so decided to have a peek . parking up on station road just below the cop shop i arrived early on a sunday morning gaining access wasn't easy as even at 8 o;clock on a sunday the site was up and running and police cars were coming in and out of the station ! I did question my sanity but with the attitude of well i'm hear now :p i foolishly pressed on , trying to look perfectly normal in camoflauged waders rucksack and trolley cart i was over the wall and inside in the blink of an eye

looking upstream to the entry point then looking downstream

the roof was 1200mm tall box section the floor was very silty with about 9inches of water in the bottom rendering the trolley cart useless was beginning to regret this already

looking back to the start there were 2 pipes coming in on the left hand side ,had a crawl up (only about 6feet ) and they merged in to a small box section about 6feet wide by 700mm tall (that was holding water as well )

these went under the road to pick up the water from the park, moving on downstream

rcp coming in on the left couple of fish in here had a crawl up


brick manhole then a bend to another manhole in the distance

this wasnt looking promising full of spiders too

time to head out ! waterlogged box section great ! after exiting the main part of the culvert i carried on walking downstream till i came to 2 concrete rcp pipes , theses were grilled over but i managed to get inside

im certain these pipes flow in to the blackburn brook and exit in to the culvert as posted on my previous report (blackburn brook 2 ,6th pic) the pipes are roughly laid starting out at 5 foot rcp then diminishing down to 900mm the effect being similar to putting your thumb over the end of a hosepipe i could feel the water backing up behind me and it diddnt feel safe if there was a grill or something further downstream i may have ended up stuck and common sense told me to get out asap !

about turn exiting through the roof , there was no way out down here ! It was enclosed with factories so had to walk back upstream managed to get out at the side of the police station were the police cars and vans enter through a remotely operated gate ! god only knows how i diddnt get caught breathed a massive sigh of relief when i got back to the car i can tell you :D well its done now but not one i will be going back to and certainly would not recommend cheers Jezzyboo
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Haha! I'm glad you did write this up as I'm happy to see what it looks like. Not been in these bits cos they were deemed too stoopy even for me! Commitment, well done! First time I went to check out that one near the police station I bumped into a load of coppers having a fag break. I mumbled something about needing a piss, as if that was better than saying I was looking at the culvert, and ended up running off in shame.


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ha ha its a hard one to get to without getting caught and little to gain as well , its ticked off now but could have very easily gone tits up :D


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28DL Full Member
Good job. The roof does look a little low. Fair play for getting it done.:thumb
thanks Jane not the best drain with the low roof, the standing water diddnt help either guess you dont know till you have a look :pgoing to spend next sunday morning in bed with a hangover like normal people :D

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